Arcilla de Bentonita - Magnetic Clay Bath - Natural Detox

Arcilla de Bentonita - Magnetic Clay Bath - Natural Detox

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Magnetic Clay bath kits are packaged in bulk and will administer 10 one cup baths per kit. Included in each kit are 5lbs of bulk formula, 8 pages of graphic step-by-step instructions, 15 pH testing strips, fiberglass drain screen, flat drain stopper, and herbal formula pack

Magnetic Clay Detox Bath by LL's Magnetic Clay is the herb and spice-free way to get rid of toxins while you relax. Made in the USA. Specializing In Helping To Detox Metals And Chemicals
- The clay and formula ingredients are all-natural, no emulsifiers or chemical additives
- No other clay has as much natural “pulling power” as LL’s Magnetic Clay

Arcilla de Bentonita - Magnetic Clay Bath - Natural Detox

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Achieve Healthier Detoxification in a Relaxing Bath

With toxins in everything from the foods you eat to the air your breathe, it may be difficult to get rid of the toxic load your body is carrying. LL's Magnetic Clay offers a great product called the Magnetic Clay Natural Detox Bath. Made to assist with optimal detoxification, it's made without herbs and spices for better toleration by most users.

What does each kit contain?

  • - 5 pounds of bulk magnetic clay formula
  • - 8-page step-by-step instruction booklet with pictures
  • - 15 pH testing strips
  • - 1 fiberglass drain screen
  • - 1 flat drain stopper

Every Magnetic Clay Natural Detox Bath Kit from LL's Magnetic Clay is packaged in bulk and provides enough material for ten 1-cup baths. This particular bath kit is formulated without any herbs or spices, and is the ideal choice for sensitive and allergy-prone people.

Get rid of your toxic load in the comfort of a relaxing bath. Choose the Magnetic Clay Detox Bath today, and naturally pull the toxic metal and chemicals from your body. Order yours now and see the difference it may be able to make in your health.

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