Simple Steps to Total Health

Simple Steps to Total Health

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By Andreas Moritz & John Hornecker

Health and vitality are the natural states of being for the human body. Because of eating habits and lifestyle choices, however, most people are suffering from various health conditions that hinder their ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Simple Steps to Total Health

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In this book, the authors discuss the most common cause of disease, which is the build-up of toxins and residues that inhibit various organs and systems from performing their normal functions. This book provides guidelines for restoring health and vitality through proper internal cleansing, hydration, nutrition and living habits. For simplicity, it is organized into three sections: In Part 1, guidelines are provided for cleansing various organs and systems of the body in order to restore their normal healthy functioning. The importance of proper hydration is also discussed, and easy-to-follow recommendations are provided. Part 2 is directed to healthy nutrition. It is not only important what foods we eat, but also how we prepare and combine them into our meals. The authors provide information about the hazards of microwave cooking and food irradiation, and they also discuss "problem" foods in the typical western diet such as animal protein and processed foods. And finally, in Part 3 the authors discuss our 24-hour daily digestive and metabolic cycles, and explain why it is important to live in harmony with our internal clock. Perspectives and insights are also provided on how profoundly our physical health is impacted by our thoughts and emotions. This is a "must-have" book for anyone who is interested in using a simple, natural approach to restoring total health.

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