Zapper básico

Zapper básico

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The Basic Zapper has the same zapper-circuit as the Croft Terminator Zapper. It doesn't have all the subtle-energy upgrades as the Terminator.

They pulse at a frequency range of 14 to 16 Hz.

They are smaller than the Terminator and very easy to use. Wear for a few hours at a time to begin. Keep moving them around the body, don't leave them in one place for more than a couple of hours. The easiest places to wear them are in a wristband over your pulse points, tucked into your waistband, or in a sock at night. Make sure to keep alternating the different sides of the body.

Battery: 9 Volt

Zapper básico

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The Basic Zapper has the same zapper-circuitry as the Croft Terminator Zapper. It doesn't have all the subtle-energy upgrades as the best Zapper in the world, but it doesn't have the high-cost either. Both the Basic Zapper and the Terminator kill parasites such as worms, virus, bacteria and fungi. The Terminator heals on higher levels as well, such as emotional and spiritual. Don says the Terminator continues to heal the body after the parasites die-off. Knowing that the main work of zapping is parasite cleansing, the Basic Zapper is very effective and inexpensive. We recommend this zapper for those unsure to try zapping. After trying this zapper you may feel to upgrade to the Terminator Zapper. It is also good to have around as substitute for the terminator or as a good gift to family or friends. You can get several at this price. Don Croft showed a North American Indian Tribe how to make them and so you are supporting them as well when you buy this zapper.

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